Bail Bond For A New Haven CT DUI/DWI

Can I Post Bail After Getting A DUI/DWI In New Haven, CT? 

So you’ve made a mistake and now are in need of getting out of jail fast. One of the most common arrests are, DUI/DWI. These charges are likely to get you thrown into jail if you have had a previous arrest. Here are the conditions for a DUI in New Haven, CT:

  • A clear indication of being intoxicated at a .08 level while operating a motor vehicle (Car, truck, boat, plane, etc.)
  • Giving police the right to pull you over because of suspicion, this can be driving into an object, swerving while driving, and your vehicle smelling like alcohol.

Whatever the reason is, and you have been arrested for DUI/DWI… you need a bail bondsman in New Haven that you can trust to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


You can start your process by understanding how the state of Connecticut proceeds with a criminal case in relation to DUI. Connecticut is a no “no tolerance state” and can quickly deem you as guilty. Once you are found guilty in court, you will proceed with these two options deemed by the judge:

  • A criminal sentence to jail time and a criminal rehabilitation procedure
  • A series of probation activities such as, rehabilitation, MADD, counseling

If the first bullet point refers to you (jail), here is what you can do today to be released and back with your family. You can start by contacting your bail bondsman and understanding how you can post bail quickly. Your bail bonds man will tell you what the surety bond is, and figure out exactly how much money you need to get out of jail. In most cases, a surety bond is just 10% of what your bail total is, so if your bail is $10,000, you can bail out for just $1,000. If this has been helpful to you, we also recommend looking at Griffith Bail Bonds twitter. Griffith provides practical tips on posting bail after a DUI arrest.

What happens after I am bailed out? 

After you are bailed out, you will have to go through a series of consoling. This will include either sessions of 10 classes or 15 depending on the severity of your crime. Many times, if you miss one of those classes you’re sent right back to court for another disciplinary hearing.

Another thing you should take note of, is that after you’re bailed out… you will still have to follow Connecticuts new DUI law, which requires you to have a breath monitor in your vehicle for when you’re driving. This breath monitor insures that you don’t have any alcohol in your breath from the night before and now. This is issued by Connecticuts DMV and is completely necessary for 6-months if it is your first offense.